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Virtual Worlds: 3D Visualisation Software

3D Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Planning

We utilise market-leading 3D software to envision your perfect bathroom Virtual Worlds 3D design software allows us to sit and design your project down to the smallest detail, and offers interactivity so you can get a true feel of the design and the space that it creates.

Tiler in Lincolnshire, UK

Virtual Worlds makes it easier for us to get down and develop your vision precisely and more efficiently. Often, when designing a bathroom suite there are potential problems and unexpected issues that simply can not be foreseen in the envisioning process. Virtual Worlds 3D Software Our in-house 3D software allows us to see these problems before they become such — saving headaches, time and ultimately money further on down the line. Furthermore, as our design skills are based on traditional training and aesthetic values we're always conscious to avoid any sterility or blandness, which is often attributed to computer generated imagery.

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As featured above, we use the latest technology to ensure we can get as close to your vision as possible. Although this doesn't mean that's all there is to it. We regularly involve traditional design techniques and often find the best starting place on the journey of delivering the perfect installation is to have an initial chat over a cup of tea with nothing more than a pencil and paper. If you'd like an informal talk with us, either at our showrooms or at your home, then just let us know, we're here to help.

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